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Why Choose
Ashwood Law Estate Planning?

Hello and Welcome to Ashwood Law Estate Planning. 


We have created our web site to show you, in an easy and clear way, who we are and what services we provide for you.  Hopefully when you have read through this you will see why choosing us would be a good decision.


Our background is in Financial Services and from a history of almost 40 years of dealing with clients we could see how many of our clients needed to update their Wills, or in some cases actually needed help to confront the process of making a Will.  


Upon talking to our clients it was obvious that serious conversations needed to be had regarding Powers of Attorney in order to protect our clients’ futures and their families’ futures.   We explain this in more detail on our other pages. 


Ashwood Law Estate Planning was founded so we could further help our clients and indeed anyone else who needed us.


You will find us to be friendly and professional and we work with you to put in place these vital documents that will help you, and your families, to have that peace of mind you perhaps did not realise would not be existent without them! 


We are proud of what we do for you, and your family!

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