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Robert Lawson

Founder & CEO

Having run my financial services company for 40 years I realised that we needed to offer a wider service to our clients so, along with my team, I set this company up to help all our clients further with their estate planning.

Glenn Dennis.png

Glenn Dennis

Estate Planning Consultant

Glenn has 40+ years experience within the Financial Services and Lawyer sectors.  Experience gained has been invaluable in his role as an Estate Planning Consultant dealing with Lasting Powers of Attorney, Wills and Trusts. 

Glenn enjoys meeting with people and with his vast experience he is happy he is able to help clients with their estate planning objectives.

Sharon Butter.png

Sharon Butter

Estate Planning Consultant

As I am from a Wealth Management background, I understand how much effort and work goes into building your wealth therefore it is important everyone has a Will that works for their specific circumstances.  Coming from a large extended family, I understand the complications that can arise if your wishes/intentions are not set in stone.  I know how important it is to ensure your wealth passes on to who you want it to. 

David Meyrick.png

David Meyrick

Estate Planning Consultant

I have worked in the financial services industry since 2016 following studying accountancy at the University of York. I am now a member of the Society of Will Writers and have been helping clients ensure their estates are well positioned to meet their intentions. 
The world of estate planning can be difficult to navigate and I aim to deliver a personable, easy to understand service, assisting you with your wishes to help secure the future of your loved ones.
Outside of estate planning and my role as a financial adviser I’m a big rugby fan and a loyal supporter of my local club no matter how many times they seem to give me hope and let me down!

Chloe Stringer.png

Chloe Stringer

Estate Planning Consultant

I have a wealth of knowledge and experience, not only due to the greatly proficient team here at Ashwood Law Estate Planning, but also from my experience in the healthcare industry.

I have seen first-hand how our services are vital to assist vulnerable people and their families. I am therefore committed to being able to provide high quality customer care for my clients, and delivering the peace of mind that having the right documentation in place can bring.


Robbie Kinsey

Estate Planning Consultant

Your friendly, local West Midlands consultant.

Robbie has been working in the Estate Planning area for 10 years now and loves to help people protect what they have worked so hard for.

Nick Trudgill.png

Nick Trudgill

Senior Estate Planning Consultant

I have been an Estate Planner since 2019 and I hold the management responsibilities for our team of consultants. I take pride in providing certainty for my clients in terms of their financial future by providing a comprehensive Will service and other associated services, such as Powers of Attorney and Trusts.

Harry Lawson.png

Harry Lawson

Estate Planning Consultant

Being an Estate Planning Consultant along with my role as a Financial Planner means I can offer my clients a full estate planning service. Making sure my client's goals are being covered is very important to me. I cover the whole of the UK so I am happy to talk to you wherever you might live.

I look forward to being of assistance.

Jordan Elcock.png

Jordan Elcock

Estate Planning Consultant

My clients come from all walks of life.  My aim is to understand individual goals and objectives and then to provide my clients with quality estate planning advice, and ultimately, peace of mind.

Oliver Wrighton.png

Oliver Wrighton

Estate Planning Consultant

When I speak to my clients there is a common theme: They have worked hard for their money over their lifetime and would like to ensure it is distributed as they see fit.

If one of my clients were to die without a Will in place, their estate would be distributed as per the laws of intestacy. There are 8 steps to this, the final one is the whole estate goes to the Crown!

I thoroughly enjoy helping clients create their Wills so their hard-earned estate is distributed to the people they wish to benefit.


Vicky Ellory

Estate Planning Consultant

Your friendly, local West Midlands consultant. 

Vicky has been working in legal consulting for 15 years and loves to work with clients to protect their best interests.

Our Team

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